Shoulder Arc Fasteners (Annular Grove) Setting Cap



Sold separately. Not a component part of stud.



For installing WAG AL, available from stock.




Additional information


Available Materials


Weld Type


ALLOY - 1100 & 5000 series

Other alloys available upon request

MECHANICAL PROPERTIES: Values for various alloys available upon request.

Specification sheet (PDF) coming soon.

The Annular Groove Shoulder Arc Stud is a partially threaded weld stud for application with arc stud equipment. This type of stud welded fastener is usually flux-loaded on the weld end for studwelding applications. Available in Mild (Low Carbon) Steel and stainless steel, other special materials and grades are available. The annular groove stud is characterized by a base portion without threading and external "grooves" starting above the unthreaded base portion. The difference in diameter of the base versus the grooved portion creates a "shoulder" often used for part mounting and stand-offs in design. Studwelding of the weld stud burns off a portion of the base so that the pre-weld, post-weld length dimension should be considered. All orders for arc weld studs from Davis Stud Welding include ceramic studwelding ferrules properly sized for the weld stud ordered. Special retainers, known as annular groove caps, are used with the annular groove weld stud.


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