Lacing Washer & Ring (Aluminum)



Designed to be used with lacing wire to wrap insulation around irregular shape.



Washer - Aluminum or Stainless Steel Ring - Zinc alloy, bright zinc plated.



Washers are available stamped "NO AB" to indicate non - asbestos material.

Additional information

Available Materials




ALLOY - 1100 & 5000 series

Other alloys available upon request

MECHANICAL PROPERTIES: Values for various alloys available upon request.

Specification sheet (PDF) coming soon.

The lacing washer, or lacing anchor washer, as supplied by Davis Stud Welding is usually used in conjunction with lacing anchors for lacing blanket, or removable cover, insulating applications. This speed clip, or insulation washer, holds insulation and fabrics together in blanket fabrications for various applications where removable covers are desired.


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