Grizzly Arc 600 Stud Welder

The Grizzly Arc 600 Stud Welding Machine is a micro-controlled Arc Stud Welding system capable of welding 1/2" fully threaded studs with ceramic ferrules or with gas. Its bright high contrast display has a multitude of features while offering a simple three button user interface. With essentially one setting to change when welding from a 1/4" stud up to a 1/2" stud, this machine takes mid-size fastener stud welding to an entirely new level.


Weld Range:

3/8" and below

Weld Process:

Arc and Short Cycle with Ceramic Ferrules or Shielding Gas.

Weld Time:

3/8" Diameter: 12 welds per minute.
5/16" Diameter: 20 welds per minute.
1/4" Diameter: Unlimited welds per minute.


3 Phase 575 50/60 Hz, 30 Amps


600 Amps, Adjustable Gas Flow, Pilot Arc and Weld Time.


14" (W) x 10" (H) x 20" (L)


120 lbs.


Standard Arc Gun with 20' of #2 weld cable.
Heavy Duty Dinse Welding Connectors.


Dual Ground Cables with 20' of #2 weld cable.

Additional information



Weld Type

Specification sheet (PDF) coming soon.

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