Grizzly Arc 2000 Stud Welder

A sure way to raise your productivity is to improve the ease of use and reliability of your stud welding equipment. Investing in user-friendly and dependable equipment will help you achieve faster setup of jobs, greater repeatability, and improved user training. Davis has the solution: Grizzly Arc Stud Welding Equipment. As the most advanced stud welding equipment today, The Grizzly brings unmatched ease, speed and precision to the stud welding process to help you be more productive.

The Grizzly has revolutionized the stud welding industry with a variety of user-friendly digital features. It's leading edge technology offers automated functions, easy-to-follow menus, and step-saving features that raise fastening efficiency to new levels. The Grizzly is modular, so it can be customized to meet your needs. It is available with 1200 or 2000 Amp drawn arc power supplied. Every unit is loaded with standard features such as automatic safety shutdown, a hammer mode for painted surfaces, and multi-language option. Each comes with Auto Weld, a helpful feature that enables the operator to determine weld parameters quickly by simply entering the fastener size and type of material, while the unit does the rest.

Some key optional features of the Grizzly are:

  • Multi-gun capability
  • ISO support for quality control documentation
  • Gas Arc Stud Welding
  • Preser memory module


Weld Range:

1" and below

Weld Process:

Arc and Short Cycle with Ceramic Ferrules or Shielding Gas.

Weld Time:

1" Diameter: 4 welds per minute.
7/8" Diameter: 6 welds per minute.
3/4" Diameter: 10 welds per minute.
5/8" Diameter: Unlimited welds per minute.
1/2" Diameter: Unlimited welds per minute.
3/8" Diameter: Unlimited welds per minute.
5/16" Diameter: Unlimited welds per minute.
1/4" Diameter: Unlimited welds per minute.


3 Phase 575 50/60 Hz


2000 Amps, Adjustable Gas Flow, Pilot Arc and Weld Time.


22" (W) x 27" (H) x 27" (L)


450 lbs.


Standard Arc Gun or Heavy Duty Arc Gun


Dual Ground Cables

Additional information



Weld Type

Specification sheet (PDF) coming soon.

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